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Music holds the secret…

Saw this magic first hand in the balcony of the Kiel Opera House with a woman I had a crush on my whole life. Judy was a beauty and with steady Claude at hand it was a great trip on the mescaline-lit moonbeams shooting through the crowd.

When Rik Emmitt strode solo onto the dark-stage with only his double-necked guitar in hand…the ride began for the next two hours with sounds and sensations I’ve felt only a few times in Life.



It was a fantastic tripping light show with the guitar blaring and playing like I had never seen before…and, only a few times since. We weren’t worried about anything inside that Opera House that night except jamming and grinnin ear-to-ear…

I thought the show was never gonna stop…or, more precisely, was this trip ever gonna stop. We had to make a detour pit-stop Southbound on the way home just to let our senses pivot inside our brains. Mesmerizing and Magical was that Evening.

Triumph has been an inspiration since that first time I saw them Live. And, that was more than three-decades ago. The memory is if as yesterday.

And, for that, I’m thankful, grateful and appreciative and the Karma gained that evenin in St. Looie…

But, this was about my envy for Judy’s brother Speedy’s frequent attendance at Skynrd concerts. In fact, he saw them last in the spring of ’77 in Memphis, Tennessee.