The ‘Media’

Understanding this term is fundamental to Democracy

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In the 21st Post-Truth Century

Resentment; angst and distrust rule the Day

Fortunately, I grew up in an age where Newspapers were reliable sources of truth and information. Sadly, I’m aging in the era of 21st Century ‘media’ that is cloudy; fogged with bias and confusion sprinkled in among the dissemination of the news of the day.

#FortheRecord: I was born in 1960. I was 3 when JFK was assassinated; 8 when RFK and MLK were shot to death, and 9 when America landed on the Moon.

My, how times have changed. Walter Cronkite never lied to me, intentionally, that I know of and the unshaken faith in ‘Media’ was a part of my childhood. It even became my profession. And, it has tumbled out of control as much as the shuttle Discovery did the year I graduated from college.

I, like many People, have had prolonged questions about the outcome of the 2016 election. It’s not that I question the results; it’s not that I won’t support the 45th PEOTUS, Donald J. Trump. What I viewed, during President Obama’s two terms, was more of a revelation of the two America’s these days. What I note now, with this result, is the clearly defined separation of Americans.Moon-in-Background-of-Moon-Landing-1969--59754

It used to be at times Like these we turned to the ‘Media’ for explanations; reasons; causation’s and facts. Now, we turn to our particular form of news feed to reinforce our own ideologies. Never looking for commonality; only rationale for why we feel how we do.

The History of Journalsim, as defined by Wikipedia, is a pretty good place to begin, I surmised. Always feeling that word of mouth was the best – and original – form of advertising and continues today to be best way to achieve success on many levels, so it was – and is – with Journalism even in the 21st Century.

However, in today’s age of multi-media formats; TV; newspapers, radio stations and websites it all gets so fuzzy but #truth remains static.

That is if, we see, facts as facts, eliminating emotion from the equation. I don’t know how that’s done.

What I do know, is if we are to come to a better understanding of the way forward, then comprehension of the basic elements of fact from fiction have to be at the forefront.

Take a moment and read this article from the Washington Post, if you will, please, and answer the question posed in the last sentence of the article.

Can you offer an answer?

I did.

And, for the moment, I’ll keep that to myself.

ALLRIGHTSRESERVED:KpKronicleLLC ~ Kevin Pritchett

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