Rick's honesty remains an inspiration

Rick with his long time friend, Derric Johnson and his daughter, Laekyn.
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Keep Your Pets Warm

The Holiday Season is Special; appreciate it

It’s been a while since a JulesRules#9. Rick and I still stay in constant contact. We’ve been busy. He working out and cleaning house. Me, working on wanting to work out and cleaning a camper. #IDKP

Let’s get to it.

1 – U been doing these vlogs for a month or so now, rick…how is the reception?

The videos have been fun. It hasn’t went viral or anything but that isn’t why I do them. Going viral would be awesome too. Some videos receive more likes and shares than other. Getting a message or seeing someone say “thanks for sharing your story,” is why I make the videos.


Rick also has a lot of fun when working out.

 2What are your near-reaching goals with the vlogs?

My goals with the videos? Wherever they go, that is where I will be. Honestly if I can get through to one person that is an achievement to me. Getting paid to do something you enjoy is great but that isn’t why I speak. Seeing a life changed is wealth to me.

 3Learned u were recently awarded a deserved recognition…how did that make you feel?
 Actually I was nominated for an award. How did it make me feel? Humbled. Blessed. When I read the message of recognition and nomination, I teared up. It has been a lot of hard work and it never stops.
 4 – With Winter coming; what would you say to people with pets outdoors?
  If you have pets treat them as you wish to be treated. Despite being an animal and covered in hair, our pets still have the need to stay warm.
5 – What does the Holiday season mean to you?
 The holiday season to me? That is a tough one. Kevin to be 100% honest with you, I spent close to four years not really participating in the holiday festivities. The Christmas and Thanksgiving before I met my wife, I spent the holidays secluded in my old apartment staying high on anything I could find. Now I just try to enjoy it and make the best of it. I don’t stress over it or get too caught up in what is the “norm.” I get through the day and go on with life. I enjoy seeing others celebrate.

 6 – Totally unrelated – do you intend to shop for clothes or toys for Christmas?
 Clothes or toys? Before I met my wife I would just give money to whoever I was to buy for. You can’t ever go wrong with cash. I will probably buy some toys for my nephews and The Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots. I prefer to buy someone what I think they need.
7 – What has been the hardest thing about this past year in your healing process…
 The hardest thing? The time I am alone, too much time to think about questions that can never be answered. What I could I have done different. Seeing other fathers doing what they are supposed to do and taking advantage of the time they have with their kids. Not getting overwhelmed with guilt. I have bad moments but I don’t lay in it.
Bonus Q ~- Does Mick have a gal pal?



Mick does not have a gal pal. The French Bulldog breed can only be artificially bred, so I have been told. He has several stuffed animals that he “tries” to keep company. Mick doesn’t have certain parts either. He would be embarrassed if he knew I told you this.
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