A New Era Awaits #Murica

Don't Look at me...I Didn't Vote for him

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Means different things to different People.

Thankfully, I Lost a couple dozen ‘friends’ during this horrific election cycle. On the bright side, at least now I know who is real and who is a Fake Friend. #IDLP

However, on the dark side…what once was a fun; frivolous escape from reality through Facebook has turned my feed into a chaotic; haphazard disastrous mess. Good Grief, #Murica. I mean, C’mon, Man.

Get over it. On both sides of the spectrum. The dye is cast; the Inauguration of the 45th POTUS is rapidly approaching and, for better or worse, we’ve got to Live with it.

President John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy

Indeed, Live with it I shall.

Along with my Freedom of Speech that prickly First Amendment allows.

First, I use the written word; interject humor among the seriousness of Life and hopefully find worthiness in the endeavor. Often, I fail. But, not for lack of effort.

Second, intimidation; isolation and exclusionary methods don’t sit well with me. But, that’s just me, I suppose. And, that’s okay, too. Not everyone can be a brain surgeon. Some must be dwellers of the basement. i.e. ‘The Media’

Third, and finally, for the moment. This ‘Media’ thing has got me downright bumfuzzled.

I Googled the definition. Found dozens of entries. Here’s one. The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing and the Internet) regarded collectively.


In the World does that mean. In my world it’s obvious the ‘Media’ is viewed differently than many, many People. And, again to be redundant, that’s okay, too. As Robert Palmer infamously tuned, “It takes every kind of…

So, ‘We, the People’, go about our daily Lives; struggling to get by; others thriving; some doing the best they can while others intentionally inflict harm. It’s a mad, mad World, man. Especially, these days, in 21st Century America.13887003_10204917812703893_4197288533465887515_n

I, for one, pledge to Love more than I hate; give more than I take and do all I can to help all that I can. It may not be much but it’s all I can do.

And, that’s all we can ask…of all of us. ‘We, the People’.

I want to be remembered…just Like you; Like we all do by the ones we Love.

Anything more than that is icing on the cake, Ms. Antoinette.

ALLRIGHTSRESERVED:KpKronicle, LLC ~ Kevin Pritchett

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