JulesRules #8

Ricky begins using video as an outlet

Rick and Mick
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Truth and Wisdom

Continues and expands from Ricky

Been a week or so until I was able to touch base with Rick and put together a new edition of #JulesRules. He has expanded his outreach to include videos as well; sort of a new aged technique call ‘vlogging’. It’s all the rave now with the kids. 🙂 In all seriousness, Rick takes you into his path and illuminates the dark side while trying to help others find the light. It’s ain’t easy but it also ain’t impossible.

I enjoy the ‘vlog’. Hope you do as well and continue to encourage Ricky to speak his mind and help others in the process.


1 – Been a week or so since a Jules Rules edition on the Kron, Rick. I’ve noticed you have undertaken vlogs as a part of your outreach. How did you come to this decision.

 I decided to start making the videos to let people see, there is a person behind the words that I write. I am real, I stutter at times, and I want them to see the emotion in my face when I speak. What I speak is truth and not watered down. Also I want to be better at speaking in front of people. A video is the closest thing I can get to that right now. Maybe the videos will evolve into something bigger, I don’t know.14462834_631873046983651_4382563754018598146_n
2 – Sometimes, the raw truth you speak hurts to hear…how hard is is to say
  Sometimes the truth is scary to hear or say. Honestly I feel relieved when I share things and I gain strength from it. I don’t have it in me to make up lies about myself just to have something to talk about. My past is real and I don’t hide from it. Who I am is real, take it or leave it.
3 – Tough question to ask, Rick. I know the one-year anniversary of London’s passing in approaching, and mean this with all due respect, friend. But, it’s been almost a year, and learning to know you, I know this will be tremendously hard for you; yet, your Love for you son shines in your writing as you speak of him. Is it your hope that by telling your story it can be of help to others.
Sure. Anything I speak, I say it in hopes that it may reach someone. I am not naive enough to believe that I am saving the world. I just want to help some along my journey.
 4 – Do you allow others to help you; are there people there for you, in addition to your wonderful wife, Julie
Oh yeah, people help me often. I am human my friend. I have struggles and needs just like the next man. I understand how pride can lead to self destruction. I am humbled daily in some way. If I need help I ask, that is how I got to this point in my life.
5 – I will confess to missing our multiple daily conversations, Ricky, and am glad to touch base today. I note there are many Like me who enjoy talking with you. How does that make you feel.
 The thought of people enjoying talking to me is surreal and honestly I don’t see myself as that guy. I just enjoy speaking to people and letting them see I can relate to them in some way and I don’t condemn them for what they do. Fortunate and blessed, that is how I feel.14469626_631446643692958_6956736677839963620_n
6 – Is there a way our local areas can do more to help those with mental health issues. And, break down the social barriers that prevent people from seeking help
 I am not a doctor so I am only speaking on my opinion and experience. My answer is, “I don’t know.” From what I have seen, there has been help out there for people. Whether or not a person chooses to take the help, I don’t know. I think there are good programs and facilities with good intentions but there will always be that once instance that will over shadow all of the good. There is bad and good in every aspect of life.
7 – I notice, often, that I feel your words are speaking directly to me even though I know that is not the case. Do others folks relate this to you as well.
 Yes, quite often. The truth of the matter is that in many ways we are all the same, dealing with the same issues. I dealt with mine in some bad ways and I choose to talk about it. I think folks can relate to me because I am able to talk about dark things in a way that doesn’t belittle them, if they are guilty of it. I am far from perfect and I don’t act like I am.
BONUS – Fun question, departing from the harsh realities you use for teaching and helping. Mick seems to make you smile. And, Julies as well. What else puts joy in your heart.
 What brings me joy? Seeing other people happy, hands down. I take pride in being the best teammate and friend that I can be. I like mentoring people who look to me for advice or a perspective. I get joy from eating a nice meal. I am a simple man and enjoy simple things. I don’t need pretty toys and money to make me happy.

Ricky Johnson, Jr., lives at Lake Ozark, Mo., with his wife Julie and their mutt, Mick.

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