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Friday helping of Ricky Johnson, Jr.

Ricky Johnson, Jr., and Mississippi County, Missouri Sheriff Keith Moore
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Ricky Johnson, Jr.

Ricky Johnson, Jr.

405 is the Goal

Ricky doesn’t mind clowns

1 – Rick, i know there is a lot of tension and stuff in the world. How do you remain out of the fray?
I don’t feed into the media for one. I don’t believe everything I see on the internet. I don’t break the law and I respect law enforcement. I worry about things when things are in my face. I don’t put myself in situations where I have to wonder if I am doing the right thing.
 2 – Do you like clowns? And, what would you do if you were to see one outside your home at night?
 I have no issues with clowns. I have been seeing a lot of folks who do though. If I were to see one outside of my home at night, I would laugh.
3 – Food. Let’s talk food. What’s a day’s intake for Rick?
In the morning I drink coffee and water. I eat 8 eggs scrambled. I will eat again around noon and that will consist of ground turkey, chicken, or fish. Usually the same thing at night. I don’t gorge myself but I don’t deprive myself of things that taste good either. Moderation and balance is the key for me.
4 – What is your goal as far as lifting; how much; what are your PR’s.
 My fitness goals? Honestly I would like to be able to workout for as long as I can. I look at it as a journey, a marathon and not a sprint. I am shooting to bench 405 while weighing 220. I am getting close and I hope to reach that goal by the end of the year. Kevin I get more satisfaction out of watching my wife achieve her goals. That brings me joy. It is something we share with one another.
5 – When will the next time you will be in East Prairie so i can arrange a parade.
No parades for me my friend. I am just a regular guy. Notoriety is nice but I don’t need it to keep doing what I think is my obligation to the next man.
6 – Who cleans the house?
I clean the house the majority of the time but that is because my wife is gone during the day at work. It is a team effort really. We do whatever it takes to help things function smoothly. I don’t mind taking a back seat to my wife. I am secure in myself. It doesn’t make me less of a man because I do laundry and wash dishes. I grew up watching my dad do it and to me he is a beast of a man.
7- Would you like to parlay you work into a speaking platform?
Yes I would like to do some public speaking some day. I am good with words and I know what I want to say but I do stutter at times. I still get nervous. I made a video the other day for someone and I did okay. Public speaking is something that takes work and practice. I will get there.
Bonus – if you had one final wish – what would that be…?
My final wish would be, I hope that I did well enough on earth to achieve an eternal life.
 **EdNote – “Maybe the Holidays,” when pressed about when Rick will return to Ep for a visit.
 Ricky Johnson, Jr., is living the dream at Lake of the Ozark with his wife, Julie, and the Mutt Mick.
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