Down Goes the Bully

Yvonne Lewis lends her thoughts on the debate

Yvonne Lewis, city spokesperson for Tallulah, La. And, a free lance writer.
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Bullies Never Win

Standing up to them is the best way

Yvonne Lewis has spent time in the bully pulpit. In fact, she’s a community spokesperson for Tallulah, La., and has never been one known to be shy of expressing her views and, or, opinions. The kpkronicle.com is an equal opportunity offender. There are requests out for anti-Hillary; pro Trump posts. Feel free to take a shot at one of your own and send it to us. We would be glad to give balance to this wacky 2016 Election.

Here’s her take away from Monday’s most-watched TV debate in history. It will be clear how she feels about Bullies once you read this.13887003_10204917812703893_4197288533465887515_n


After watching the first presidential debate, it should again come as no surprise to everyone that Donald Trump is a world class bully.  As America and the rest of the world watched, Trump repeatedly over spoke both Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt with no regard for professionalism or turn.  He simply has been for so long the “boss” that in his mind he doesn’t care what the situation, he will interrupt or chime in to anyone’s comments to try and prove or solidify his point.

Now, that’s not always a bad thing.  In a debate, one must always be prepared to overstep the boundaries and rules to ensure that they aren’t being roughshod and run over.  But Trump has taken this concept to another level.  For her part, Hillary Clinton pretty much allowed Trump to speak when it was his turn.  Yes, she did interrupt him at times, but not nearly at the level or frequency that Trump saw fit to do.  Trump however, repeatedly interrupted Clinton when she was speaking, so much so that many times she simply stopped mid-sentence and allowed him to speak.  It was a brilliant debate move, done so to not only show that Trump has absolutely no regard for what is being said at the moment unless he is saying it, as well as tactfully allowing Trump to display yet again his bullying behavior.13914035_1198018156897162_8793675146363498972_o

So, is this Trump being Trump someone that we would feel comfortable with being our President?  The mystic of the brashness of Trump when his campaign first began has arguably begun to lose its luster.  The thought that the American public might have a President attending a meeting with global leaders and bullying his way through should bring a wave of fear to us all.  You see, what we need to remember is the world is full of bullies and quite a few are leaders of nations.  For their part, bullies don’t take kindly to one another.  It’s as if they instinctively recognize themselves in another.  So how for instance, would an altercation between say Russia’s Vladamir Putin and Trump play out?  Now we know that Trump has spoken kindly toward the Russian leader during his campaign.  But what would happen if Putin and Trump end up in some sort of verbal exchange where Putin went in on Trump?  Do we believe that Trump would acquiesce?  Hardly.  If past action is any indicator, Trump will fight back and where would that leave us?  For the naysayers, let’s agree that this aforementioned situation would never happen.   These two men have mutual respect for each other.  Okay then, let’s insert another leader into the equation.  Perhaps Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un get into an exchange?  Of course there is a language barrier but technology has made it so that any implied verbal assault would definitely make its way to the intended party.  Do we believe that if Jong-Un says something insulting about Trump that he wouldn’t reciprocate in kind?  Many would agree that there isn’t a person in America, Republican or Democrat, that believes Trump would turn the other cheek.  Again, where would that put us?  Trump says that his “temperance” is one of his strongest qualities.  That comment drew considerable laughter from the debate audience and likely as well in the homes of the television audience.  Even Trump supporters know that his temperance is suspect and questionable.  So if Jong-Un, using reverse psychology, baits Trump, will he fall for it?  It should be no secret that Jong-Un is just waiting for an opportunity to use nuclear instruments.  So could he entice Trump into a fight by saying something negative toward him, in an attempt to use Trump’s retaliation as a reason to start a nuclear war?  It may sound farfetched but again we are talking about bullies and rarely do bullies think things all the way through.

When you stand up to a bully they normally back down.  Clinton held her ground with Trump and came away as the “winner” in the debate when most thought that a one-on-one with Trump would likely overwhelm her.  It was easy to see that she’d prepared and easier to see that he winged his way through.  So it comes down to this.  Do we want a bully for a president who has shown us repeatedly that he rarely prepares and believes he’s smart enough to BS his way through?  Or do we want a President who took the time to prepare, stood up to the bully and actually beat him at his own game?  And let’s not forget Trump’s lame attempt at the end of the debate to show his morals.  His “I was going to say something tough to Secretary Clinton but I won’t.  It wouldn’t be appropriate,” line was something out of a Saturday Night Live script.  The implication of trying to subliminally mention Clinton’s husband’s infidelity fell flat.  Especially in light of Trump’s own very public indiscretions.  The point however is clear.  Do we want a President who is so oblivious to the fact that every time he talks about Clinton’s cheating, his own children have to re-live the fact that their father’s cheating broke up two marriages?  And should we be scared that he doesn’t even care?  Which brings us full circle.  Bullies don’t care about anything except themselves and the fact that they want to continue to bully.  That’s just not United States presidential material and neither is Donald Trump.”

Yvonne Lewis is living the dream in Tallulah, La. Helping people one day at a time.

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