A real VIP – Billy Ray Williams

From Pinhook to the Big Time

Billy Ray Williams
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Always been a leader

Billy Ray is humble; talented and successful

When Billy Ray Williams was growing up in the small community of Pinhook it was hard to imagine he would become a major player in the world of travel. It was not hard to see he would be successful. His versatile and outgoing personality were always there. It’s refreshing to see what he has done with the past two decades to succeed in the real world.

His VIP Limousine service that shuttles families; rock stars and politicians to and fro with safety and first class treatment are a delight to all. Here’s a #7Q’s on the Kron for Billy Ray.

#1 – How in the world did you come up with this great business idea?

Billy Ray with Chelsea Clinton

Billy Ray with Chelsea Clinton

After traveling for 2 years with the Department of Labor as their Osha guy, I was missing my daughter and decided I need to be home. I always love talking to people and driving and so that was the beginning of this now 6 year old mess! Lol.

#2 Who are some of the highlights of VIP travel?

President Obama, David Lee, John McCain, Chelsea Clinton, Eddie Griffith. Just to name a few.

#3 – With all the racial turmoil in the World, what is your recipe for getting along with everyone?

The way I was raised. Mom and dad always taught us to treat everyone with respect and not to get caught up in all the crap. So, I simply don’t

#4 – How did East Prairie and Pinhook shape your vision of the world and its maladies; were you prepared to face the obstacles?341222_2223408184422_766226119_o

EP and the hook prepared me for the world. If they were racist people in EP we didn’t see it. My parents and all of the awesome teachers that I had throughout School always told me I can do what ever I wanted. No matter what my race was. All you have to do was work hard. And that’s what I still live by today.

#5 – Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My dad of course. He’s a go getter. Never makes excuse but makes it happens. And his work ethic is like one I’ve never seen before. He’s one of a kind. I always said I hope to be half the man that he is. If I can do that, I’ve got it made.

East Prairie icon George Williams and his son Billy Ray

East Prairie icon George Williams and his son Billy Ray

#6 – Tell us about your family and what they mean to you?

Anyone who knows me know that family is everything to me. Man without family you have nothing. I love and adore all my family. I’m so thankful that my mom and dad taught us to live one another and to always be there for each other through thick and thin.

#7 – What does the future hold for Billy Ray?

No one really knows what the future holds, buy I’m just going to continue to work hard and press towards my goals

Extra Q – What are you recollections about your EpEagles football career: and, what does it mean to you now.?

Man I have so many great memories. I’ve never see. A town support high school sports like EP. I remember when you guys would come into the locker room and talk to us, Mr. Bain’s talks. MSN so many lessons that I learn from my coaches that I still use today.


Billy Ray Williams is a father; a business owner and a first class gentleman living the dream.


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