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Farmer Bryan Mainord lends humor to the Kron

A caricature of Republican nominee for POTUS, Donald J. Trump
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Trump All the Way

Normally reserved; conservative and calm


Bryan and son, Kevin, Mainord. A proud Republican and supporter of Donald J. Trump.

However, when we start talking Politics on *Twain in the 21st Century ( a private blog where opinions vary and flow freely) it’s easy to identify which particular side of the argument one falls. Me, I waver back and forth but many know me for my take down of #donedun. Or; #donnie (which I had to stop using the hashtag because it offended a friend whose name was actually Donnie – #IDLP). Yet, I yield the floor often and pick on #Killary as well. I think Gary ‘Aleppo’ has my vote.

It’s all – well, most all – done in fun. Sometimes people get butt hurt but rarely to the point of unfriending people. It has happened, tho. #IDLP. And, the #IDLP is a common denominator for the group: meaning, no need to go back over this – you get the point – I digress, Lee Powers.

Yeah, it’s kinda wak but it works in the group whose motto is…”wished for inspirational, entertaining, interacting intellectual dialogue...” Lacking the inspirational interacting intellectual part, it is entertaining at times. Especially, when someone gets riled up on a point and chimes in.

Bryan Mainord, long time farmer and Chamber of Commerce guru for Ep, takes time out of his busy schedule to point out how he feels. He took issue recently with the ‘Media’ treatment of his candidate for choice, Donald J. Trump.

What follows is his take. Enjoy!

“While I sit in line waiting to dump a load of corn, I’ve been doing my best to catch up on the news of the day. The first headline that pops up in my Flipboard feed is, “Media Furious With Fallon for Going Easy On Trump”.

First of all, any interview that Clinton gives, she’s lobbed softballs. Secondly, when the hell did the Late Show become the leading outlet for asking difficult political questions? When did we count on any late show, except for Johnny Carson, to give us an honest assessment of any politician?

Bryan, Kevin and Angelina Mainord. Photo courtesy of Bryan Mainord.

Bryan, Kevin and Angelina Mainord. Photo courtesy of Bryan Mainord.

Having said that, I personally thought Trump gave a very good interview. He was relaxed and joking with Fallon, THAT is the purpose of any late night talk show. I want to learn about the personal side of a candidate. For God sake, he let Fallon mess his flipping hair up!

In closing, to the lame stream media, when the moderators for upcoming debates lob softballs to Trump, by all means, be outraged. Until then, leave the late night talk to the entertainers.”

Bryan Mainord; a StL Blues fanatic, can be found most days working his day job farming and spending time with his family (wife Angelina and son, Kevin) when he is not.

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