James Hodges makes his mark at Ep

Friends call him 'Hodgie'; students call him Coach

East Prairie's James Hodges
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Veteran EPJHS Coach

Hodges walks the walk and earns the respect in his 16th year

Dependable. Reliable. Humble. Caring. Thoughtful and Kind are just some of the words folks use when describing the affable red-head from East Prairie. A Father; coach and friend with a busy Life. Coach Hodges is in his 16th year of coaching and 14th as the head coach of the Junior High East Prairie Eagles. That continuity is an asset Coach Chad Jamerson and the varsity Eagles

appreciate greatly.

James, his father Steve, and sons Peyton and  Patrick

James, his father Steve, and sons Peyton and Patrick

Coach Hodges has been a mainstay at EPJHS for decades. His calm, honest and trustworthiness ease the minds of parents whose children are under his care. I can attest with two under his tutelage now. I am thankful knowing they are in good hands and with an eye always for safety and fair play.

I’ve known Hodgie since he was born. Shopped at his grandparents IGA all my life (Jim opened the store in 1963) and helped hundreds of Ep students and kids with jobs where hard work and dependability were required.

James parents have played a large role in his Life and career. His mother, Amy, taught and retired from the Ep school system after 30 years, displaying elegance and class. Steve Hodges was a top notch and noted official in SEMO and was elected to the Missouri House as a representatives.

Below is the #7Q’s on the #Kron for ‘Hodgie’


Winning it all!

#1 – How much fun do you have coaching the EP Jr High?

I love coaching the jr eagles the kids play hard for me & no outside distractions cars, girls, jobs, etc

#2 What made you go into coaching
 Coach Bernard Ivie encouraged me to go into coaching  Bernard Ivie is the longest serving coach in Eagle History
# 3 Is it difficult being from Ep and coaching and teaching there?
 I enjoy being from ep & glad I coach here I usually know all my boy’s background it helps me connect with them
#4 – Who is your role model?
 I always looked to my parents (Amy and Steve)  & Ivie & (Ed) Nichols as role models
#5 I know your kids are the highlight of your world – why it important to you spend time with your children.

James and his brother, Billy Ray.

James and his brother, Billy Ray.

 Spend time with ur kids. my family never missed my games for anything. they have to know that u care
#6 What is the biggest highlight of your athletic career?
 Greatest athletic achievement playing linebacker @ Houck stadium for Indians. Winning the District title at Ep in 93
#7 What do you think of the the Ep school system; the upgrades in the Safe Room; the home grown faculty?
Safe room is awesome! Much needed! New press box huge upgrade!

 Final Follow Up – What are your future plans in the coaching realm.
Look forward to my kids coming to ep next year & coaching them. My closet is all red, black, white, & grey bro
 Oh, final follow up ~ how much fun do you have when Coach Nichols and Danny Lee make an appearance at the Eagles Next….
Love it when Ivie, Nichols & Johnson come back so do the boys
Trifecta follow up – What about the Ep Hall of Fame being discussed?
 I think it would be nice to have a hall of fame some day like Sikeston & other schools
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  1. Coach Hodges has been a huge help with my girls in the past year he has been there for them in every way it counts. My daughter Ashton ran for him on the East Prairie Junior High track team. She talks about him alot she loves Coach he offered her a shoulder to cry on when her step dad Richard Coon Wallace was ill she had a hard time dealing with it n he was always there to listen n help her to support her n give her the advice she needed. I am greatful that she had such a wonderful person to help her when I wasn’t able to be at her side. Thanks Coach for all you have done n continue to do for our youth. The world would be a much better place if we had more people like you in it.

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