A shot of reality from Ricky Johnson, Jr

#JulesRule #3 is stark and real

Rick & Mick
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A very scary tale

Drugs are a path to Hell

Ricky Johnson, Jr., relates a scary story and how close he came to Murder. Don’t think it can happen to you? That’s one of the motivations for Rick to write about his past experiences. To help others know there is a way out no matter how dark it gets.

KFVS had a story about Heroin and Opiate abuse in SEMO. It’s here people. Ep has sadly lost a number of young people to Heroin. Meth and Pain Pills are rampant in the Bootheel. It will take a united effort to rid society of drug dealers and – more importantly – offer help to those who are suffering the ravages of addiction. A Bible quote I often use goes something Like this – “There but for the Grace of God go you or I.”
So, don’t be so quick to judge. Offer help; compassion and Love to those in need. That’s A #GoodThing and it’s easy to do.

Here is Rick’s tale of the sad death of his friend and his nearness to be an accomplice to Murder.

Ricky Johnson, Jr.

Ricky Johnson, Jr.

“This is probably the grittiest post I have or will ever share. Read it until the end so you can see my point. For the record I have been sober going on three years. I was never this ruthless criminal who was out trying to hurt people. Unfortunately I did hurtful things. I was an addict who traded and sold narcotics or I would steal. I became friends with a gentleman in Poplar Bluff where I lived. At one point he was a high ranking member of a prison gang and he was also a heroin addict. I found him close to death a couple of times. The second time, I walked into his house because the door was open. I found him laying in the floor with a needle in his arm as his room mate was sitting two feet from him playing on a computer. I used to sit and watch my friend try to shoot up and he would jab himself over and over. He couldn’t find a vein so I thought I was doing him a favor by grabbing his arm and helping him achieve his high. One day he asked me would I like to make $10,000. He said, “I know you need money.” I said “sure what’s up?” He proceeds to tell me that he was tasked to take care of a drug dealer and he would pay me $10,000 to drive the car. In my mind I rationalized this and I said “sure.” I am telling you this to let you understand how my mind was and how that life works. I was agreeing to be an accomplice in a drug related murder. Ironically a few weeks later I caught wind that I was being watched by the drug police. It spooked me so I packed some clothes and left every bit of property I had in my old apartment and went back to my hometown. Obviously this murder for hire never took place because I am able to tell you this experience. I found out some months later that my friend took a fatal shot of heroin and he was found dead. Maybe it was God or it was good fortune in my favor. I know you are wondering why I would tell you this. I am telling you because that life is ugly, it hurts, and it is brutal at times. I think back to how in the blink of an eye my life would have been over just because I was so desperate to make a quick dollar and get high. Love you guys and I pray we all can be better to one another.”


Ricky Johnson, Jr. , is now living a sober Life with his wife, Julie, and their dog Mick at Lake of the Ozarks. Feel free to reach out to Rick if you, too, are in need of a helping hand. He will always be there with an ear and no judgement.


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