Football Friday Nights

Bring out the best in small town American

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Kelly at East Prairie

Sikeston at Charleston

It’s here.

What many, many People have been waiting impatiently for…No, not the elections. Friday Night Football under the Lights in America.14017930_634669003375087_1505388843_n

It’s more than a past time. It’s a tradition.

Year in and year out small towns across this great nation come to the alter of the gridiron and root for their teams. Winless; Undefeated or in between there’s nothing Like the allegiance shown by the Fans.

And, for that, we salute you.

We will have the updated scores; the standings at the end of the night and half time commentary if necessary.

Buckle Up and sit down or stand up; but, most of all Cheer for the Home Team and show good sportsmanship.


ALLRIGHTSRESERVED:KpKronicle~ Kevin Pritchett

*Photos courtesy of Weez Bee Smilin

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