Jamborees to Kick Off Season

Regular Season opens Aug. 19

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Football means Fall not Far Away

When the ball is snapped Friday night at the Jamborees around Missouri, the kick off to the 2016 season is just a week away. The regular season begins Aug. 19, but the week before the teams get a chance to scrimmage against someone other than their teammate and the coaches get the chance to evaluate during live action.

It’s a bonus for everyone. A controlled setting where the nerves can get settled and the competition becomes clearer. And, it doesn’t count of the record slate. Football is a bonafide phenomenon and brings out the best in small town America.

We wish all the teams good luck; good health and good times as we kick off the 2016 season.IMG_1319

Charleston’s Blue Jays will be at Malden for the Jamboree along with Chaffee and Fredericktown.

East Prairie will be at Dexter with Kennett and New Madrid County Central.

Eagle coach Chad Jamerson is excited to get the party started. Ep is looking forward to the upcoming season.

“I’m very excited about this season. We have some special backs and receivers. Need to stay healthy. As you and I know it all starts up front. You got to really good seniors on the right side of a line with Nathan Owens and Chad Housman. The key for us we’ll be able to stay healthy. Guys competing for the left sideline Hunter McCurter; Jared Sneeringer Kenny Allen Rex LaPlant. So fortunately we have options. As far as special as you go with all starts with two are seniors Casey Gregory and Deverence Jones. A quarterback we have a strong competition between Carson Aycock and Derez Tipler. Add receivers we have Jon Ross Slayden, Luke Marcum, and Keaton Adams. I’m very excited about what we could do defensively this year. We’ve really stressed defense this summer and I think we can have a special year there.

Ep opens the season hosting Kelly.

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