At Least, ‘we’ are trying

Madness and Mayhem abound in #Merica

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One by One

Change has got to come ~

After another Breaking News alert on CNN brought the dreaded headlines scrolling across the screen.


The city of Charleston is to be commended for its positive steps to address the racial tension in America. Community events were held over this past weekend and more are scheduled to keep the dialogue open in the community.

How many dead this time? How did it happen? Where? Is it still going on?

From failed coups to murder and mayhem, the past week has been full of madness; leaving only sadness behind.

I keep reading and hearing all the ~ fill in the blank ~ racially divided hate speech from all sides that I have to look hard to find the good news in my Facebook feed.

It didn’t used to be that way so much? Or, did it?

I choose not to think so.

Clinging to the belief that hope will prevail. Good will defeat Evil.

In Mississippi County, Missouri ~ Charleston is a small town where there is active change to make the world a better place and relationships stronger. It may sound corny, but, I bet it works.

Friday, there was a community gathering at the Jr. High. Saturday, a big event at Lincoln Park. Read all about it, too. Where? Social Media will bring it to you. It’s one of the greatest facets and assets of Twitter and FB. It is the good among the multitude of evil it also brings in the door.


Photo Courtesy of Weez Be Smilin ~ More of the community events and unique sports photography can be found on their Facebook page.

While the National news headlines went from Nice, France; Ankara, Turkey to Baton Rouge, LA. in the course of three days to detail death; horror and destruction, there were more important, fundamentally fun and real things taking place in Mississippi County towns.

Not only was Charleston building bridges for the future with the fun days of activities, the Senior Babe Ruth State Tournament framed the backdrop of #Merica at Hillhouse Park.

In East Prairie, the 13-year old State Tournament was played over the weekend. Dozens of youth lived the games of a lifetime by just having a chance to play in a state tourney.

It really is that simple. How to make it better. What to do to help.

Charleston and East Prairie civic; business and law enforcement did their part. Sports played a pivotal role as well.13694100_618508221657832_1450493896_o

In Ep, the Semo South team, the host team played in the title game falling to the state champion Boonville squad. Playing in the game, however, earned the Ep team a trip to the Midwest Regionals in Iowa.

A chance to make more Life memories. #GoodThings



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