The Man Flying the Machine

A. Jan Marcussen

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National Sunday Law

Forces Unite Amid Stupendous crisis

That is the title of A. Jan Marcussen’s 94-page book that he distributes as he travels. While he is on the road, Marcussen also operates a contraption straight out of the movies…and, he does so with a testimony and a talk to who ever will listen.


Marcussen explains how he monitors how well the canopy is filled with the mirror – an old truck hubcap – as his window.

This past week, we crossed paths. Taking the dogs for a walk I saw him with this helmet on and pulling the crank to this machine…that looked like a swamp machine with a rocking chair. He gave the rope one good crank and the rotors began roaring.

Frank and Charli scattered with the noise and I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to Jan then. An hour or so later I was returning and saw the machine; it’s canopy littered perfectly on the grass and him standing and talking to a couple visitors.

I had to ask more.

So, when he made his way back I approached…cautious because of the awe I saw while he was in flight.

He gave me a little background about he and his family; his travels and why he was at Boomland.

During his travels, he came across an owner of the business, he related to me, who encouraged him to use the campground in Charleston as an airport. Come fly the machine when he wished.

In the summer and when the weather conditions are right, Marcussen’s travels and takes to the sky to fly a few times a month.

It’s exhilarating to him. And, he gets to share his testimony to those he encounters.

His book, National Sunday Law is billed as a shocking glimpse behind the scenes.

Forces unite amid stupendous crisis, claim the headlines.13658943_1309408102421764_1604273480395658750_n

Talk with him and he will offer encouragement and witness. He will also explain how and why the machine works in great detail.

His book and website offer insight into the World as he sees it today.

Reg6.com… Log on and learn more about an individual who has found his own way to feel free.


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