Bill Foster services set for Tuesday at McMikles

St Louis Cardinal icon Stan Musial, left, and coach Bill Foster. Bill purchased a bowling ball from a Charleston collect and contacted Stan the Man for an autograph. His plan worked well. Photo and story Courtesy Hubert DeLay, Jr.
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Brave, Courageous 3-year struggle

Coach Documented his battle on Social Media

Bill Foster was a brave and courageous man. ‘Coach’ was a kind and gentle spirit. And, his warm heart will be remembered by all.

Foster leaves behind a loving wife, Abbi, and son, Eli. Our prayers are with the family in this time of need.

Through the years, I have written eulogies for people. For, some I do not know long or well. It’s my job.

But, this is one I feel I should share with folks that Coach touched through his Life on Earth. There are many. I am one.

Here’s my story…or, more precisely, here’s my tale and remembrance of Coach Foster.


St Louis Cardinal icon Stan Musial, left, and coach Bill Foster. Bill purchased a bowling ball from a Charleston collect and contacted Stan the Man for an autograph. His plan worked well. Photo and story Courtesy Hubert DeLay, Jr.

Like, a lot of friends I have, on Facebook and in Real Life, many through the years have come on the ballfield. Me reporting a game or such. As was the case with ‘Coach’.

In 2011, he was the coach of the Charleston Lady Blue Jays softball team.

That year, if short recall fails you, was a dramatic year in Mississippi County.


And, during that time I was covering the story for the East Prairie Eagle/Enterprise Courier for Carlin Bennett.

Coach Foster ensured the Lady Jays got coverage and was faithful in his constant Facebook updates. 🙂

Which, were very useful, I add. Which leads to our conversations…the lengthy ones…about Faith.

Coach was a ferocious defender of the faith. Sometimes, especially in Facebook dialogues, he ~ and I ~ would cross the line. He would never hold that in judgement.

Normally, I don’t share private conversations with folks because of the off-the record talks I appreciate with people for the candor and frankness. Which, we don’t get a lot of these days it seems.

Coach and I talked on and off the record for 5 years, according to my Facebook feed. And, the last three we ~ along with many who followed and Loved Bill ~ occasioned to chat; cheer people up; do the right things.

What follows is a few of the moments Coach and I shared. His warmth and friendship will be missed. His spirit will be forever remembered.

*Ed. Note:Bill’s comment’s are in italics; they began in 2011.

…”Merry Christmas KP”
Merry Christmas to you as well Coach
Ya know normally when Jan 1 rolls around Id be counting the days til softball practice—-I think Im gonna miss that hits year
Probably be us and ND in the final though Cape has given us our closest game of the year
 and at home, CC will be t ough in C’town is not hitting jumpers
I still say we win though
i wouldn’t expect anything else from you Coach Homer….lol
No apologies here I bleed blue
…about #Faith
Didnt mean to piss your buddy off last night. I really wasnt hammering him with scripture—assault rifles and assassinations for people that do not agree with him seemed a lil intense
he is Coach…but it’s all good; it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round…Peace…kp

…Bill, I apologize for the harsh language during our recent discussion. I was wrong. You stay strong. You are a good man…Peace…Kp

Apology accepted. You were forgiven the moment it happened
my bad…prayers for you, sir…
We all can get a lil intense about world events. Bottom line is we all need to love one another like God loves us. A lot of what I posted was unnecessary.
Our final interaction(s) privately.
As always, it began with Sports and ended with faith. Bill was fighting his courageous battle and documenting the course of his struggle. It, at times, got harsh and real. As was Bill sometimes in his candor.
Mostly though, he was ~ to all ~ kind…considerate…humble…helpful and Loving.
Don’t think you’ll find many passing a hushed word; or, an unkind word at a funeral service for anyone. Even more so with a man named Bill.
I called him #Coach. 
Would you by chance know of anyone who could take on two well cared for labs. My dad passed away in August and neither myself or my brother are in a position to care for them.
Coach…there are a couple of Lab rescues…i’ll have to look them up or you can google them; they do make special arrangements for dogs whose owners have passed as opposed to just being dropped off…
Good to see you this weekend. Thank you so much for the excellent coverage of our kids in the EP Youth FB league.
ur welcome coach’

12/25/2015 10:46PM

Merry Christmas my friend. Hope your day was blessed.
Merry Christmas to you and your family , #Coach
ALLRIGHTSRESERVED:KpKronicle ~ Kevin Pritchett



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