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Summer of '16

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If ever there was a Summer to be in Western Kentucky.

This one is it.

The first tourist season with alcohol legal on the Lakes and a boon for the local economy as never before seen.


Satisfied customers. Long time friends from SEMO gather each year at Kentucky Lake. This year, the Ladies got the opportunity to dine with the Sisters. You can read their review on Sizzlin Sisters Lakeside Grill Facebook page.

And, that’s A Good Thing, as long as folks use common sense when vacationing.

For the vast overwhelming majority of Lake partakers, that is the Game Plan.

Beware, if you choose to act stupid. You will pay.


One for the Ladies…These two are trying to order.

Laws are on the books and can easily be enforced in Kentucky. Don’t believe me. Google them. Or, read today’s front page of the Paducah Sun.

So, stay prepared. Be smart. A designated boat driver is a must for all Lake goers.


A Bikini and A Smile…and, a scolding if needed. In addition to the main purpose of revenue, the Sister’s off a unique service to feed party-goers and help any way they can to keep the reverie under semi-control.

And, if you’re hungry.

Visit the Sizzlin Sisters Lakeside Grill at the Sands and enjoy a great meal before the ride back across the Lake.


Jenny Dowdy, left, and Bethany Hudspeth comprise the Sizzlin Sisters.

The Sisters, literally, Beth and Jenny, have been featured in papers; a reality series has been discussed; commercials…overall, it’s been A Great Thing…and, the future looks Sizzlin for the Sisters.




Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake revelers are ecstatic about having the family cook them a brat; a burger or quesadilla…and, believe me…on the water during a long day at The Sands…and you will need something to supplement the intake of beverage most are enjoying…

And, the food is receiving rave reviews. Check out their Facebook Page for more info.  They offer a unique capacity to serve hot, homemade food on the water.


With a Bikini and A Smile.


All weekend …every weekend…#TheSands is full of folks enjoying the Summer of 16 #ThorWorld

That’s A Great Thing.




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