It’s Time for Week 3 in SEMO

#EpJrHi battled Scott City in the Heat Last Night

East Prairie Junior High Football Cheerleaders. KpPhoto (c) 2015
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****Update ~ 3:30 pm ~

In case you’re wondering where the Media stand with tonight’s Week 3 Slate in SEMO.

For #TheKronicle’s Picks ~ See Story below ~

SEMO Panel of Sportswriters Week 3 picks as posted in the Standard-Democrat.

SEMO Panel of Sportswriters Week 3 picks as posted in the Standard-Democrat.

***Update ~ 3 pm Friday, Sept. 4

Great Preview in Standard Democrat

Sikeston Standard-Democrat Sportswriters ~ and all the Media in SEMO ~ really do a fantastic job in publicizing athletes; communities and achievements in Sport. They have done so for nearly A Century in some cases.

The Daily Standard, err, Standard-Democrat, is the Benchmark for our region. And, David Jenkins and Chris Pobst do an outstanding job of giving comprehensive coverage to SEMO Sports ~ timely; full of information and #UpWithTheTimes ~ (aka, The Last Word) they Live for Friday Night Light’s too.

Week 3 is Here:  

It was The First in A Lot of Ways for A Lot of People.

The Game almost secondary as the 2015 #Ep JrHigh Eagles Football team kicked off the Season at Scott City.

For Me ~ it was a totally unique and wonderful occasion. In some ways unexplained ~ but in others ~ more important ~ tangible and Real.

Kaylie LaChelle Pritchett  ~KpPhoto (c) 2015

Kaylie LaChelle Pritchett ~KpPhoto (c) 2015

Normally, I do not have a Strong rooting interest in the teams; towns; programs I’ve covered during my career ~ except ~ the #EpEagles.

Everyone Has A Home Team ~ Mine are the Eagles.

One of the really neat aspects of coming back Home and covering SEMO Football in 2015 is I’m able ~ finally ~ to Look Back on the Games I’ve seen; played in and covered. That’s One Key Benefit of Getting Old. Another element of Age is Loss of Memory ~ as well ~ so this is double helpful to jot down in case I forget some day.

Truly, my first orientation with a Program outside of Ep was during my tenure at the Daily Dunklin Democrat (1986-1990). The Kennett Indians ~ really in All Things ~ have Great Tradition and Community Sense of Pride, not only in Dunklin County, but Beyond.

The other Teams in the Deep Bootheel kinda ~ well, not kinda ~ envied (#HatersGonnaHate) the prestigious and powerful Indian town. After All, didn’t Cheryl Crowe grow up there. Yes. And, so did Sally Stapleton ~ the daughter of the Publisher of the DDD ~ Jack Stapleton ~ who is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer with the Miami Herald.

#EpEagle Damon Bone ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

#EpEagle Damon Bone ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

So, there’s that.

I also got the privilege ~ sometimes the brunt of his ire ~ with Coach Tomlinson (the Country Singer’s Star Father); met ~ and benefit today ~ from my relationship with noted SEMO Sports Historian Al Jackson ~ knower of everything sport in the history of mankind ~ not just Hayti.

So, I get the special emotions that come along with following and being fanatical about your Team. It’s not just East Prairie where the allegiance and loyalty are strong. It’s every Town in #Merica in the Fall during Football Season enjoyed with Family.

That’s A Good Thing.

With that in Mind ~ Let’s Take A Look at Week #3 ~

East Prairie (2-0) at Scott City (2-0)

The final time the two teams will play in the Southern Division of the SEMO Conference. This Game is about A Lot more than that. We’ve documented it firmly.

#TheFumble ~ Ep v SC ~ 1993 ~ Photo Courtesy of Steve Hodges ~ (c) 2015

#TheFumble ~ Ep v SC ~ 1993 ~ Photo Courtesy of Steve Hodges ~ (c) 2015

#TheFumble #TheCatch

And, Last Year although the teams did split the season series 1-1 ~ the Eagles feel they left one on the table during a 7-4 2014. Friday Night, they’ll have the chance for Redemption.

It’s will be A Tall Task at Wil Wilfong Field. There will be A Full House of #EpEagles Fans for sure and even though it’s the week following a solemn Green Night at Scott City with visiting St. Vincent, expect a Strong Showing of Rams Fans to be in attendance as well.

On the Field ~ it will truly be the first real test of the Line play of the Eagles. JB Hedge and Mason Tidwell have run roughshod over the Grandview Eagles and Kelly Hawks, the Rams are A Different animal than the birds from those two schools (not a knock ~ an observation).

And, The Rams are solid on offense with experienced skill players (Braden Cox) and fresh talent not on the roster last season. Scott City is at home. It will be a tough game.

Expect the Weather to be a factor in the Game. In Thursday’s Junior High contest’s at Scott City ~ the temp hovered in the low 90’s with no breeze. Officials are mandated by MSCHAA for 4 water breaks during the game. It seemed the kids were well hydrated. No stoppage in play for cramps for the 7th and 8th graders.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

In the second half, I feel the Rams will have a tough time corralling #3 and #5 for Ep. East Prairie also has depth at the skill spots; a veteran quarterback and experience at the Offensive and Defensive Lines (two separate units).

All that said ~ someone’s coming away with an L.

28 East Prairie ~ Scott City 22

Kelly Hawks (0-2) at St. Vincent (0-2)

Putting it together on the Field is taking a while to get started in 2015.

The folks in Perryville who attend St. Vincent don’t care. Their start to the season began with a 33-6 Loss to Scott City and a 62-0 drubbing by perennial Missouri 1A State Power Valle Catholic of Ste. Genevieve.

So, there’s that. The Hawks haven’t have it easy either with a 41-0 thumping by East Prairie and a surprisingly harsh 65-33 loss last week at Crystal City.

Pulling for the Hawks.

31 Kelly  St. Vincent 28

Dexter (0-2) at Charleston (0-2)

The Blue Jays complete the final leg of a 3-game Home Stand at John Harris Marshall Athletic Complex to kick off the Season.

Dexter’s schedule was brutal to begin the year falling to Ste. Genevieve 42-7 and at Poplar Bluff 51-14. The Bearcats get a chance for some air Friday. Charleston’s schedule ~ one of the toughest in SEMO ~  is playing good teams. The Jays righted the ship somewhat in the second half against Hayti last week, the young players will have to continue to improve against tough competition.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

Nobody said Football was easy. This year’s Blue Jays can attest to that. It was encouraging the see the crowds for the first two games of the campaign. Hope that continues tonight as Charleston will not be Home again until October. (Oct. 2 v Kennett ~ the following 3 weeks the Jays go to Caruthersville; NMCC and Kelly in that order. That’s a tough row to hoe.

And, as noted multiple occasions previously, I root for the Jays every week except that one. But, Friday at JHMAC will be a tough one for our friendly neighbors in the North End of the County.

41 Dexter  Charleston 14

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