To my small Part in the Scott City Rivalry

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While contemporary Sports Historians Point to #TheFumble.

#TheFumble ~ Ep v SC ~ 1993 ~ Photo Courtesy of Steve Hodges ~ (c) 2015

#TheFumble ~ Ep v SC ~ 1993 ~ Photo Courtesy of Steve Hodges ~ (c) 2015

The angst; contempt and healthy respect for the Scott City Rams I posses goes way back. #IDLP

In 1977 ~ before the Internet ~ the Ep Eagles played at Scott City my senior year.

Carry On if you don’t wish for me to recall the Glory Days ~ but ~ bear with me if you wish. It’s A Good Tale I Tell.

The Game was delayed briefly by a bevvy of Lightning Bolts and Thunderous Downpour.

I remember it was our second game of the Season. We had been defeated ~ for Like the 50th Time in A Row ~ by our hated rival Charleston Blue Jays 42-15 to begin the year.

As we massed in the locker-room ~ the energy was matched to the atmosphere.

Charged, it was.

I don’t remember who Won or Lost that night. And, I’m not interested in Looking it up at the moment because that’s not the tale of the story.

What does singularly stand out in my mind are two events from that Game ~ and the Lightning show that preceded it.

I had a chance to snag my first TD of my career. Made A Great Move on a defender and was breaking wide open in the right corner of the end-zone sure to get A Strike from noted Ep QB Cornbread ~ aka Terry Wheatley.

But, before I could break free, the safety grabbed my jersey halting me ~ right in front of The Official ~ and the ball dropped harmlessly a few feet away. I Was Livid. But, kept my cool for A Change.

I don’t know How or Why, but, I did. It was early in the contest.

Later, in the second quarter, I had a chance to smash a Student Body Left with a crushing, jarring Tackle that knocked the ball loose and we recovered.

Then, I Lost it A Tad.

“I got you back, $&%#$&$,” I Yelled.

Two blinks later the Flag hit me in the Facemask.

Three seconds after that Coach Jim Minner yanked me by the same said Headgear and flung my 140 lb; soaking wet slow – great hands – butt to the Bench.

I was familiar with that place.

But, not this year. Or, that night.

Thinking back on it harder, we Lost by a TD. The one I was robbed from catching.

So, now, you know a Little More to the Rest of the Story.

Not discounting the critical importance of #TheFumble for cementing the Modern Day Rivalry.

For the Record: I Am A Big Fan of Scott City ~ Every Night except when they play the #EpEagles.

Our PE student teacher that season was Scott City native and Rams standout Rand Amick ~ now the Superintendent of New Madrid County Central. *Clarification ~ Courtesy of Long-Time Mississippi County Clerk, Hubert DeLay, Jr.  ~ Rand Amick’s wife is the NMCC Supt…..Rand is, now, retired; his most recent position was principal of, I believe the Middle School, and was the AD.

That community(ies) of Illmo – Fornfelt ~ Scott City ~ is A Proud Region. As Prideful as We are of the Eagle Legacy.

The Games on the Field are for Fun, tho. The Rams Get it. So, do the Eagles. Football can also be for excitement; challenge and competition.

It doesn’t hurt to add a little spark every now and then to Spice things up. Does it?

The two teams will meet Friday Night in Week 3 of the SEMO Football Season. It is the Last Southern Division SEMO Conference contest the teams will play. They will be in separate divisions of the new 4-team SEMO next season.

But, they still will play. As we do in every sport on every Level. That’s A Good Thing.

Respect and Rivalries, are too.



Oh, you thought I was going to tell you about the night Scott Shytty escaped my Lips while doing the game on KYMO.

I deny.


ALLRIGHTSRESERVED:KpKronicleLLC ~ Kevin Pritchett

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  1. Dr Cynthia Amick, Rand’s wife, is the NMCC superintendent

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