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#Ep Eagles Mantra Under Coach Chad Jamerson

KpPhoto (c) 2015
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Eagles Look for Respect

Rams hung a tough L on #Ep Last Year ~

And, for Folks who may be unaware ~ there is No Love Lost between the two programs.IMG_0781

Now, on the record, everybody is Politically Correct. Our teams do face one another on every Level of School in every Sport ~ and have forever ~ and will continue to do so.

Yet, just simmering, bubbling, just beneath the surface ~ scratch that and see what you Find.

A Fumble ?

That’s not funny to Ep Fans.

That was 1994. And, it goes way back further than that with the animosities.

Friday, the Eagles want to firmly Gain that Level of Respect Coach Chad Jamerson Feels is Due.

No one will mistake East Prairie for A Football Powerhouse ~ Historically speaking ~ but a better Fan Base it will be hard to rival in SEMO.

For a town of 3177 ~ Ep Likes Some Football ~ winning or losing ~ and for near a Century now there have been some ugly records thru the seasons.

#Fumble ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

#Fumble ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

So much so ~ that, in fact ~ Eagle Fans can point out the Highlight Achievements of the Program on one hand ~

1952 ~ 1975 ~ 1994 ~ 2014  ~ and, give me a minute and I’ll come up with a couple more. But, you get the point I’m hoping.

However, despite the Lack of Success in Winning Games on the Field ~ it’s off the Field where Eagle Fans can really feel Proud.

The School District is widely regarded as one of the best in SEMO; Graduating Classes from Ep tout the number of Doctors its Class has ~ Lawyers ~ and Achievers, too.

Hard Workers from #Ep dot jobs sites in New Madrid; Sikeston and Cairo ~ and beyond. Trucking Families have been running the roads for generations.

Oh, and there are some Legacy Farm Families that form the broad basis of the community.

None of this is lost on Jamerson  ~

 “I’m proud that my dad swings a hammer.”

“Families in East Prairie have to earn a Living from the sweat off their brow. I’m proud of the Blue-Collar Heritage,” added Jamerson, a `98 Ep Grad in his 11th season coaching ~ 4th at the Helm of the Eagles.

“There’s nothing wrong with bringing a Lunch Pail to work. East Prairie is always going to be there for you to come Home to.”

Community Pride

“We are ~ and have been ~ blessed with great community support.”

And, Jamerson ~ along with his able coaching staff of Ep grads (Ian Penrod, Justin Poley, ~ and Chad’s brother, Corey) ~ are rewarding that Fan Base with some exciting and winning football.

Kp Photo (c) 2015

Kp Photo (c) 2015

It’s all about timing and a little luck, downplays Jamerson.


“Now, the Goal is to sustain that momentum and continue to build the program to be able to play with the Big Boys Sooner rather than Later.”

“We need to show that we can stand the test over time,” Jamerson explains “we need to come out Friday night and play solid football (at Scott City) and show that we belong in the conversation as one of the better teams in SEMO.

He quickly adds, however, that Everything must be kept in perspective.

“We have an order of things built into our program. Faith ~ Family ~ and Football.”

In 2015 ~ coming off a splendid season in `14 ~ the Eagles are 2-0 ~ loaded with skill players; a veteran, savvy senor quarterback (Brett Ellis) and Lineman with size; skill; passion for the game and depth.IMG_0815

“It’s A matter of timing, ” says Jamerson.

“You’re never successful without Luck. (In 2015) it’s Like the perfect storm. Lots of hard work in the off-season; good talent pool coming through and great community support.”

It makes for Fun Friday Night’s on the Prairie these days.

Up Next: A Look at the Line(s) the Eagles Bring to the Game.

Defensively, keyed by J.B. Hedges and Mason Tidwell, the Eagles have been smothering folk in the first two weeks. Scott City will provide a different test. Cade Douglas has found a place on the Field and 6-3 junior Chad Housman is itching to get back (hopefully Week 4 – 5).

Offensively ~ well ~ KYMO broadcaster Reid Howell ~ joked with Coach Jamerson in the post-game interview that even he could have ran through some of the holes the line provided Friday night at Grandview

Nathan Owens ~ Ezra McCutcheon ~ Cameron Wallace ~ Jacob Holt ~ Alex Cowgill ~

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