Ill Winds of the Air in Late August 1861

Advance Elements of Rebel Army Near

General Grant ~ Dr. Curt Fields. Photo Tintype by Trooper Pritchett (c) 1861
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Grant 100, 000 Strong At Cairo ~

Polk ; Pillow securing Mississippi Valley ~

Those were the highlights from Trooper’s dispatch. It was nothing new to anyone who had bothered watching the buildup after the Firing on Fort Sumpter.

The next move was obviously clear. Who would make the first Fool Move?

That was the Big Question Floating about both Capitals ~ in Washington, D.C. and in Montgomery, Alabama.

Something Had to Happen ~ And Soon ~ It Was Felt By All.

***Fort Johnston ~ Belmont, Missouri ~ Aug. 30 ~ 3 AM…

…can say…Boats Moving South on the River; Troops Loaded to the Gills on the Steamers…

#TheBishop ~ Fate Met Leonidas Polk atop A Mountaintop in Georgia in the Summer of `64.

#TheBishop ~ Fate Met Leonidas Polk atop A Mountaintop in Georgia in the Summer of `64.

Leonidas Polk was startled when he read this. Had he not wanted to be the first to be Bold and Strike at the Enemy.

Maybe it was not too Late.

Perhaps, it was just an excursion and not a Landing Party.

There still Was Time, He Thought. Time to Take the Ultimate Gamble for the High-Stakes Risk Reward that he had always wanted to feel. The Years of pent-up monestarial Blues were knawing away at Polk to do something. Anything.

So, he sent for Pillow.

Gideon Pillow ~ Epic Failure

Gideon Pillow ~ Epic Failure

Bad Move.

And, the Rest is History.

***Trooper Pritchett’s dispatch to US Grant was relayed by Messenger from the Telegraph Office in Cairo, Ill.; both sides read it.

Each One unaware of the others capacity to intercept.

This must be used to the Confederate’s advantage. It must.

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