Eagles Execute ~A~Game Plan

East Prairie travels to Grandview Friday, Aug. 28

KpPhoto (c) 2015
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Opening 41-0 Triumph at Kelly Saw All Things working for the Eagles.

Hawks were shell-shocked by Opening Play TD and never recovered.

The East Prairie Offense is still A Work in Progress and that’s Not Good News for SEMO South Conference football teams.

IMG_0815They may not be A Juggernaut, just yet, but this Dynamic and Talented Arsenal of Offensive Weapons at the disposal of Eagles’ Coach Chad Jamerson is appealing to All coaches in SEMO.

Initial First Step off the Snap for the #EpEagles O~Line in Friday's 41-0 W over Kelly. KpPhoto (c)2015

Initial First Step off the Snap for the #EpEagles O~Line in Friday’s 41-0 W over Kelly. KpPhoto (c)2015

And, although Led by a talented and savvy Qb ~ it is #TheFreshman and #Junior ~ that can take it to the House on any given play from any distance on the Field.

Freshman Derez Tipler ~ Bright Future Ahead if he stays grounded and Works Hard the Next 4 Years.KpPhoto (c) 2015

Freshman Derez Tipler ~ Bright Future Ahead if he stays grounded and Works Hard the Next 4 Years.KpPhoto (c) 2015

And, the passing attack; the power running game; the…Well, you get my point.

And, none ~ I repeat ~ None ~ of that Gets Done without an O-Line. A strength for these #EpEagles.

I think there are a couple of college recruiters who would be more than Happy to Have the aggressive; smartly taught and well respectful young men on a roster somewhere.IMG_0781

But, we’re getting Way Ahead of ourselves. Week 1 in the Books. A ~`W`.

Next up, the Long Road to the middle of literally nowhere ~ Grandview ~ Hillsboro Exit on I-55 for East Prairie this week.

And, again For the Record ~ The #EpEagles best bring their A Game.

#Fumble ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

#Fumble ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015

The Target is on the Back and opponents are out to score a direct hit.

Grandview gets thier shot Friday. #GoodLuckEagles.

The East Prairie kind…

**Update ~ Aug. 23  ~ 9 PM ~ Comments included from Eat Prairie Coach Chad Jamerson.


Offensively, we are still working to establish an identity. We have a solid front line and many options for where we want to place the football. However, we don’t have that one thing you hang your hat on. We’ve got to work to establish those 1 or 2 things that help us know who we are when times get tough. Never fails…times get tough. How we prepare for those times makes all the difference. 
Excited for how we played on defense. Jb Hedge, Mason Tidwell, and Alex Cowgill helped to control the line of scrimmage. That allowed our LBERS to move and make plays. Those guys knew the plan and did what we asked. Struggled in the air some…but sometimes you give something up to take something away. 
Must clean up special teams….it’s a third of the game. Didn’t get to see much other than kickoff. 
Grandview is a team that could present problems if we don’t prepare correctly. They run a lot of the same stuff on offense as kelly. I’m sure they will watch film and find some weak spots. We’ve got to fix those things this week.

***Couple Added Kp Notes ~ ## Nathan Owens ~ Page Owens #ThePager  son ~ Was A Beast, as was JB Hedge and the entire Eagle Defense. Offense is the Pretty Stuff.

Defense wins you Ballgames. Jamerson knows this as does his more than capable staff of Ian Penrod and Justin Poley. Serous cats when it comes to Football. And, that’s A Good Thing for Ep.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

Oh, And James Hodges getting these young kids grounded and used to the physical side of the Sport in Junior High and they still want to play in High School is a Big Bonus.

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