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Family Oriented Game Available from Church of God Folks

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Family Friendly Free Frisbee Golf

Okay, maybe the only Birdie in Frisbee Golf is the one that just Ducked A Disk, but you Can Go Under Par in A Game.

IMG_0264And, not only can you compete; get exercise; Limber Up A Tad by tossing the Frisbee ~ one of the 70’s Great Inventions ~ you can do so Cost Free, courtesy of the Family Life Center of the Church of God in East Prairie.

Nestled into A thick stand of Oak Trees Behind the Church ~ and the Location ~ as many Ep Folks may recall ~ of Many A Tent Revivals through the Century; it now Plays Host to a 9-Hole Frisbee Golf Course as well.

Yes. Frisbee Golf. Wow. What A Novel concept.

I asked Mr. G’s Owner, Keith Grissom what was the motivation for putting in a FGC ~ and he gave me A simple answer ~ ‘because’ we didn’t have one.IMG_0249

And, Grissom, cited the Health Benefits of the Playing Frisbee Golf as he demonstrated the technique outside his Gun Shop on E. Main in East Prairie showing me the many different colors and sizes of the Golf Frisbee ~ err, Disc.

Interesting. Did not know. Stuff you Learn on A Monday. 

Of course, he challenged me to A Game.  #GameOn.

But, First, I have this Gym Appointment at Body FX Plus I Got To Go To B4 I can, I sheepishly answered.


The neat thing about the set-up in Ep ~ is there are 5-wired baskets that catch the Frisbee once tossed; the chain-buckets are staggered; set different distances apart (from 20` yards to 100 yards) and ~ thus ~ the 9-Hole FLC Frisbee Golf Course.

IMG_0268It’s Free.


It’s Family Oriented.


And, that’s A Good Thing.










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