Mr. George Williams

A Legend In His Own Time

Mr. George Williams ~ KpPhoto (c) 2015
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Beloved East Prairian ~ And All-Around Good Guy.

Mr. George Williams has been involved in one way or another with East Prairie schools for over A Half-Century. #That’s A Long Time.

And, he just keeps going making the Energizer Bunny envious of his Energy. Makes the Scarecrow Blush at the site of his Large Heart and the Lion Gets His Courage from Mr. George.

He is, the most interesting Man in Pinhook/Dorena ~ and beyond.

Just ask him. 🙂

Or, more to the Point ~ ask any former/current EPHS Grad and you’ll Hear the same thing.

Universal Respect and Admiration ~ without exception. I did a story on Mr. George for the East Prairie Eagle/ Enterprise Courier some months ago and the outpouring of affection moved Mr. Williams.

Now, not to tears, ‘because’, that’s one thing I ain’t ever seen him do.

Perhaps, his Grandchildren or Children can relate an instance to us after reading this story. His Strong Physical Presence parlayed his Large Character and Sense of Humor in a Way that helped soothe any situation.

Mr. George could disarm a fight; quell a disturbance; shoot a Hard Glance or ~ if needed ~ use that demanding Voice to settle things down. Oh, and he had a nice slim paddle just in case.

But, it wasn’t needed much. Mr. George led by example and the Boys of Pinhook followed.

So, did the town folks in East Prairie.

His compete refusal to use Race as a reason for anything made its mark. And, with Authority.

I truly believe ~ and others may chime in on this as well ~ that Mr. Williams did more ~ in his own quiet way ~ of helping integrate the East Prairie schools in the Late 1960’s than that any Person (*Black or White) as the County got on board with the Federal rulings on School Integration.

And, East Prairie has been the benefit of his Wisdom for – well – for more than a Half Centruy. Well done, Mr. George.

Proud to Call you Friend, sir.

Mr. George Williams and Kevin Pritchett before an EPHS Football Game in 2014. KpPhoto (c) 2015

Mr. George Williams and Kevin Pritchett before an EPHS Football Game in 2014. KpPhoto (c) 2015

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