The distorted; confusing simple narrative of the Flag

Business Booming Following Flag Fiasco

The 3rd Tennesse CSA Battle Flag
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Confederate Memorabilia is rolling off the shelves. Like, an Avalanche of momentum created by the False Narrative decrying the Optics of the Rebel Flag.

Now, before I go any further, Let’s All get on the Same Page and agree that this post; story ~ issue ~ is not Race Related. If that’s your take, then, I apologize, and move #Onward from this Story.

If not, and one wishes to be illuminated about Facts concerning the multiple; varied; deeply personal Flags used by soldiers; regiments; brigades; Corp’s and Army’s then plow ahead. For, you See, if All you See is this Flag:

The 3rd Tennesse CSA Battle Flag

The 3rd Tennesse CSA Battle Flag

Then ~ sadly, historically speakin` ~ you may need a refresher in US History 101.


The first National Flag used by the Confederate State of America is this one. It’s a really neat one; colorful and Patriotic and all, but confusing in Battle with the one the United States of America Soldiers were clutching deep in thier hands.

So, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Congress ~ who instead of really having a Game Plan ~ redesigned the Flag. Not once; but twice.

But, that’s not the Flag that draws All the Ire. It’s the small Battle Flag. Used mainly in the Eastern Theater of the Civil War but a Iconic feature from the War.

Now, pay attention closely here  ~ this is where the Myth; the un-Popular Narrative of the Flag comes into play. Southerners don’t Lose well, if you can’t tell. And, there was this subordinate group of former Soldiers who had enough of the Yankee Reconstruction and decided to take it upon themselves to destruct the Reconstruction. And, did a Fairly good job of it.

Specially Commission Printing of Nathan Bedford Forrest during the 135th Commemoration of the Battle of Belmont by the Columbus-Belmont State Park. In possession of Kevin Pritchett. (c) 2015

Special Commission Print of Nathan Bedford Forrest during the 135th Commemoration of the Battle of Belmont by the Columbus-Belmont State Park. In possession of Kevin Pritchett. (c) 2015

Fast Forward post 1869 ~ and Nathan Bedford Forrest’s disassociation with said group and the Flag lay dormant for Almost A Century. Then, a bunch of knuckle-dragging idiots decided to parlay the sentiment associated with that Flag and put it to use for Evil. It didn’t work out well for those Folks either in the 1960’s. Thank God.

In 2015 ~ and specifically the past 4-years as the National Park Service with the outstanding assistance and cooperation of the Civil War Trust has/is (will continue to do so) hosted and conducted a wonderfully meaningful commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of Civil War events from Gettysburg to Vicksburg to Shiloh and all points in between both small and Large scale events.

It was a historical commemoration. It continues to be such. And, it would be truly Helpful, imho, if Folks would choose to Learn A Little; roll back the emotion a Tad and enter into dialogue and discussion with different groups of People and see their unique individual connection to the War ~ their particular Ancestry and point of view. We all got one. 🙂

The Ruins of Windsor  ~ Kp Photo (c) 2015

The Ruins of Windsor ~ Kp Photo (c) 2015

There is no Hate involved in Historical Study. Rather, it’s a Love thing with the Past ~yeah?

TheKronicle will chronicle the movements of Grant’s troops, beginning with his envelopment of Cairo and the mammoth Union Army encampment at Fort Defiance, Ill; The occupation of Paducah, KY; Battle of Belmont; Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and his ultimate destiny ~ the Bloodbath at Pittsburg Landing. #PlaceOfPeace 

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