Silver-Light Night Show: SUMPTER FIRED UPON

Meteor Shower Thrills Troops On the Riverbank

Photo Courtesy of US Archives ~ Fort Sumter, SC
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“City boys ain’t yet seen nuthin` Like this,”
Wil whispered.

Historical Meteorological Data recorded Aug. 11, 1861, depicts a phenomenal Weather Event in the Sky. 

Awe struck by the Star Show, Grant tired of the constant nagging flashing Lights. He didn’t have Time to waste watchin` things he could not control. And ~ control ~ was on his mind.

"Scott-anaconda" by J.B. Elliott - The Library of Congress/American Memory (Digital ID: g3701s cw0011000) [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scott-anaconda.jpg#/media/File:Scott-anaconda.jpg

“Scott-anaconda” by J.B. Elliott – The Library of Congress/American Memory (Digital ID: g3701s cw0011000) [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scott-anaconda.jpg#/media/File:Scott-anaconda.jpg

Like, an Anaconda, Historians claim.

Good Grief. What in the World were Yankee Generals thinking. In the beginning, it was A Lot of Bluster About Nothing from Washington, D.C. ~ the War Department Officies ~ to St. Louis; Cairo and beyond.

Politicians; Military Leaders ~ the surging Fury of Southerners ~ would have kept Anderson Cooper busy for Weeks with CNN Breaking News.

The impetus of General Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan came pre-Civil War. But, hey, why not just update the Plans; Save A Lot of Time ~ ‘because’, of course ~ this was All just Grand War Planning Strategy. A Risk Game for the Ages.

Surely, the Rebels will not Fire on #Merica.

BREAKING NEWS ~ Confederate Forces have opened Fire on Fort Sumter…

…”about 3 a.m., when Anderson finally announced his conditions, Colonel Chesnut, after conferring with the other aides, decided that they were “manifestly futile and not within the scope of the instructions verbally given to us”.

“The aides then left the fort and proceeded to the nearby Fort Johnson. There, Chesnut ordered the fort to open fire on Fort Sumter.On Friday, April 12, 1861, at 4:30 a.m., Confederate batteries opened fire, firing for 34 straight hours, on the fort…”.

800px-Ulysses_Grant_1870-1880Grant Looked at Sherman800px-William-Tecumseh-Sherman. Neither blinked. It had begun. God’s Will now be done both prayed Silently.

Col. Rawlins rolled the Map up and the Talk quieted. Each knew the role they must Act Out.

None, however, knew the outcome.

All were ready to play their part.

The Civil War ~ between the United States of America and the Confederate State of America ~ was engaged.

History reveals that the Union Won. Most everybody Lost something. Many Lost All. Blacks Won Their Freedom and Dignity. It was a Just Cause for which the Union fought.

It was a Lost Cause which the Confederacy clang too that doomed them. And, righteously so.

For, it was the most inevitable War of in the History of the World, Shelby Foote explained to me. I agreed with him.

Here was/is Mr. Foote’s reasoning.

He told me this  ~ more than once ~ during some of the Best Moments of My Life from his Home in Memphis, Tennessee.

“The Great Compromise,” as he explains.

Far be it for me to Quibble with anything the Esteemed Historian of Our Time proclaims; and, moreover, this was his way of explanation Our Lost Cause to a Nation during the Filming of Ken Burn’s Epic Civil War PBS Series which captured the Country’s Heart during its initial showing.

It is set to be re-released this Fall in new HD format and Sound on PBS. *Stay Tuned to #TheKronicle for updates.


The Ruins of Windsor  ~ Kp Photo (c) 2015

The Ruins of Windsor ~ Kp Photo (c) 2015

No official Death Count is definitively agreed upon by Historians. The number of Killed ranges from ~ 626,000-850,000 ~ soldiers who Lost Their Lives.

The estimates of Wounded; Missing and Lost makes the Heart Sad and the Mind Angry at the needless slaughter ~ especially Late in the War when the dying Hopes of a Nation fell into the Hands of John Bell Hood and decimated Families ~ Generations Lost to the Wind.


…”It’s time to go,” whispered Wil.

Where ~ he had no idea.

But, here ~ The Confluence ~ where the Ohio River melts into the Muddy Mississippi ~ here ~ was the Place where it All Started.

The invasion, that is, of the Confederate States of America.

“I know what they’re thinkin`” bragged Wil. “I do, I do. They’s think we won’t charge. They do.”

“Like Rebel soldier’s ain’t Brave enough to go on the offensive.,” quizzed Cpl Kal.

The distinguished deep wry grin wrinklin` up ~ as he always employed when aggravated by something ~ which was often.

Wil and the Company of Troopers delegated to patrol the outer reaches of Matthew’s Prairie were quickly recognizin`.

But, maybe that Helped, Wil thought.

It wasn’t Like he didn’t care about us or know who we were ~ All of Us from Home ~ unLike the new, raw recruits straggling in off the Corduroy Road.

Wil thought that patch of ground ~ Niger Wool Swamp ~ must be Haunted.

There were places Like that back Home.

But, not Like what People told him about the Swamp; the Bogs and the mass of tangled vines and trees clogging the small rivulets of water passage that never went West for more than a half-mile stretch.

Quick. Mount up.”

Kal glanced downward. Not wanting to read what he knew was in That Order.

He handed it to Wil. (To B Continued…)

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