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*Editor’s Note: I had the privilege of working with Ms. Yvonne Lewis while in Tallulah, Louisiana at the Madison Journal. She is a Wise and Kind person; dignified Lady; hard working and A strongly-willed independent Human Being.
Yvonne Lewis

Yvonne Lewis

We talked often; discussed it All. Covered things we couldn’t even begin to fathom while doing our Civic duty to promote Positivism. We did, I felt.

Times Change and People Move #Onward. I came back Home.

Yvonne, now utilizes her tremendous talents Each Day trying to make Tallulah a better Place in which to Live; Breathe and Succeed. And, the community is deserving of such a Person to Lead their Charge.

Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Lewis

Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Lewis

Here’s her take on #Ferguson. Read it. It will Help.

By Yvonne Lewis

Do Black Lives Really Matter?

A year after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson and a year into the “Black Lives Matter” mantra, there seems to be no end in sight for police and civilian encounters that end badly.  Beginning with Treyvon Martin, continuing with the Brown case and through the Sandra Bland case, there have been a slew of incidents involving law enforcement and civilians that have many in our country putting police officers and their department’s practices under the microscope.  With all of the hoopla over police on civilian deaths, there is a trend that has silently and steadily continued unchecked since the 1980s.  It is black on black violence.  It is estimated that since 1980, some 324,000 blacks have been killed by other blacks in America.  If that is indeed the case, then the obvious question needs to be asked.  Do black lives really matter?


After the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was crucified by mainstream media for citing statistics that prove white cops killing black males was minor compared to the number of blacks killed by black on black violence.  However, if the numbers are laid out, it appears that Giuliani may have a point.  Could it be then, that black people are aware of the outrageous number of black on black deaths, but compartmentalize those killings as somehow not as important as when a black is killed by a white person?  That just may be the case and if it is, how did Black America get there?

Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Lewis

Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Lewis


In the 1980s thousands of young black men became involved with gangs and drug activity.  It can be argued that for those blacks who were aware of the violence yet wanted no part of it, an almost desensitization to the violence and death occurred.  With hundreds of deaths happening every day, could it be true that a majority of blacks simply ignored what was going on and tried to distance themselves from the violence in an effort to not become tainted by the perception of the masses?   Whatever the case, the simple fact remains that over the last 35 years, the death of more than 300,000 blacks by other blacks has occurred.  Yes, there were some marches.  Yes, there have been those who have called for a stop to the violence.  But certainly nothing at the level s we’ve seen over the last year.  In fact it could be argued that in the lives of a great deal of black people, the continued black on black violence has been largely ignored.


There can be no question that race plays a part in all of this.  That the African American community stands by and watches countless cases of black on black violence with very little reaction, yet rise up en masse  when the violence is brought about by a white person, makes it appear that there are holes in the black lives matter mantra.  During the month of July when the nation was riveted by the story of Sandra Bland and her death in the custody of a Texas police department, there was very little attention paid to the nine deaths and 47 other people wounded by gunfire in Chicago over a violent Fourth of July weekend.  Many of those victims were black and were either killed or injured by other blacks.  Certainly there was not the amount of attention given to them as was given to the Bland case.


So if black lives really matter, why was one woman’s death given so much attention by blacks while so many other “black on black” violent cases were basically ignored?  Until that question is answered, maybe the mantra should be 10343685_853491858016462_1384262033131377123_n“black lives matter – but only in certain cases.”

As you See, the Lady knows from where She is Speaking Freely From.


Yvonne Lewis is the Spokesperson for the City of Tallulah, La. She was born in Las Vegas, NV in 1964. She currently resides on The Bayou.

GodSpeed Yvonne and God Bless You, Man. Look forward to continuing to read your input into the 21st Century of the KpKronicle.com.

Yvonne how she Likes it. In Charge.

Yvonne how she Likes it. In Charge.

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