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The Cox Family
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Update ~ Oct. 28 ~ Cox Commits to Baylor.

Lauren Cox has made her decision. After completing her visits to campuses that were recruiting her, including UConn; Notre Dame and Louisville, the 6-4 Senior, ranked as the #1 Recruit in America chose to stay near Home.

Cox has and the penultimate career – and she’s only a High School senior and much more lays before her. One of the great things about playing at Baylor ~ it will allow her to remain close to her Family – her talented sisters and her parents, Dennis and Brenda.

Family means much to the Cox’s. Dennis has recently lost his father and grandfather. And, he is a quiet and proud man and would not say as much but you just know that the success of all his children aids as a a salve to help ease the pain of family members passing.

Lauren writes a blog to chronicle her adventures. Here is the second edition which includes the moment she committed to Baylor.

It’s A Good Thing to see.

Update ~ Sept. 1 ~ Cox Announces Her Visits.

Good Article by SYNUCONN.COM

By Carl Ademec ~ Please Read for Yourself…

Something from out of the Movies…

The Cox Family: Dennis and Brenda; Lauren 17, Whitney 14, Kaylee 12, Madison 10

The Cox Family: Dennis and Brenda; Lauren 17, Whitney 14, Kaylee 12, Madison 10

That’s what it seems to be Like for the Cox Family. A Reality Show in Reality.

Dennis and Brenda have got themselves a basketball team on their hands. No, literally.

With their four daughters, Big D can ride the pine while the basketball players in the Family  – #DoWorkNation #girlsgotgame – take care of the business on the hardwood. Or the Volleyball court. The Cox Family is thriving in the 21st Century.

A key character trait of the Father is a deep sense of humor and Pride. Overachieving, he would likely tell you, to come from a small town and play college hoops at Central Methodist. You can count on one hand the number of collegiate basketball players produced by his High School Eagles program. But, the support was overwhelming for Dennis and his teammates when he played.

He’s not forgotten.

He returns the Karma multi-fold with his ever-wearing presence at a practice; a game; an event – (or like tonight when we talked -picking up a Friend’s kid) -he is always in motion. Independently driven. Kind of key to his stellar career as well.

So, it’s with that in mind that Big D – the rural; small town boy with the Heart the size of Texas chronicles the sports career of his talented – and mostly, tall – family. On Twitter; Instagram – and fully enjoy the positive benefits of Social Media.

It’s here. Best to make good use of it. #TwitterSphere is not going away. And, in this dangerous day and age in which we Live – and having 4 daughters – Dennis always keeps his guard up and his #2nd Amendment Rights nearby. #justincase

For starers there is Mom. A bonafide star in her own right at SMU. She is tall, too. And, tolerant, to put up with Big D, but I digress.cox 5

Together they have had four children. Lauren 17, Whitney 14, Kaylee 12, Madison 10


Now, all of this would be a big deal if it really wasn’t such a big deal for a Lot of people. Including a number of preeminent Women’s College Basketball Coach’s who have been recruiting Lauren over the course of her storied basketball – and volleyball – career.

Entering her Senior season at Flower Mound High School, Lauren is undecided. Dennis says she’ll let him know where she wants to go. The decision is hers to make.

But, it will be another realm of Fans to whatever school she

Lauren Cox receives her USA Gold Medal at the FIBA 19Under World Championships in Russia.

Lauren Cox receives her USA Gold Medal at the FIBA 19Under World Championships in Russia.

decides upon. This my hunch – and, I have no inside scoop whatsoever – and should not even guess – but I gotta….#UConn

Is my gut. But, wherever she decides to play, one of her Dreams will be accomplished. Her Dad played ball, too. He was a standout in a school not noted for basketball prowess. His teams would rank among the best to ever go through the Gym in East Prairie, Missouri.

And, that’s how this little vignette ends. We are all anxious about where Lauren decides. It’s a big decision. But, Big D and the rest of the Family make sure to keep her grounded. There just might be a Monopoly game to play.

Small town. Prairie. Family. Dennis is proud of each of his coxxiedaughters. They are all competitive and talented and drive each other to excel – and acheive. With the oldest sibling in the clan making her way to a Division I scholarship; perhaps the Olympics as well.

Well, it makes the pick up games in the driveway a little more fiery.

And the Twitter follow much more entertaining.

#DoWorkNation  #girlsgotgame #TheKron

Dennis Cox 1


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