A Look at New SEMO Conference

EP, Charleston, Kelly, Malden

The Late Eva Grissom-Hinshaw at post game Prayer in Malden, MO Nov. 2010. KpPhoto (c).
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*Updated ~ Aug. 15, 2016

The Standard Democrat with their preview.

David Jenkins and Chris Pobst are the two best sportswriters in Missouri ~ imho


Realignment will occur in two years when the re-redistricting is done as well.

**Editors Note: The Column, which follows, originally published in 2015.

But, for the 2015 year, the SEMO Conference will remain the same. * (See Related Article).

In 2016, the new SEMO West will kick off with a conference game between the Kelly Hawks and the East Prairie Eagles serving as the anticipated prey for the ambitious Hawks in a Week 1 Matchup that has been scheduled.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

This is going to turn into a good rivalry folks, i tell ya.

Kelly is coming off a 4-6 season in their first ever Varsity regular slate. By season’s end, the Hawks had become someone to contend with. They played hard all season long but depth became an issue as the year played out.

That will be a key to how they fare again the season as well. The Hawks need numbers and Health to compete for a title in the SEMO West with rivals Ep; Charleston and Malden. It’s a winnable division year-in-year-out for every team ~ or, well, more precisely ~ the one that can get by Malden.

*Malden GreenWave 13-1 Last Season.

The Greenwave will enter the season as the dominant favorites. Someone has to Knock Malden off that perch. It’ll be a tall task to do this year.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

*Editor’s Note: Malden has always been a fairly hostile place for Eagles fans. Not in a violent or crazy sense, just an intimidation factor the Greenwave fan base puts on display. Large; vocal and rowdy sometimes are the Fans. If you want to win at Malden you best bring your A game.

And, on a touching; serious sentimental memory for that Field at Malden. East Prairie has normally played the Wave as a season ender; or playoff elimination. Eagle fans travel in droves too, Folks.

In 2010, Long-time beloved Ep Jr. High Principal Eva Grissom was in the final stages of Life. And, we all knew it but did not understand that it would come so suddenly; so swift and Leave such a hole in all our Hearts. Eva was One of A Kind.

The Late Eva Grisson-Hinshaw at post game Pray in Malden, MO. KpPhoto (c).

The Late Eva Grissom-Hinshaw at post game Prayer in Malden, MO in 2010. KpPhoto (c).

A Truer Spirit of A Human Being you’ll be hard to Locate; let me know when you do. I’d Like to meet that person, too.

Because, you see, I knew Eva well ~ and for a Long Time. Her Faith and Encouragement and Support of me in A Low Point in My Life reverberates today.

And, I am not alone in Her Mercy and Saving Grace Love She Shared.

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