Football Season Is Upon Us

East Prairie opens at Kelly; Charleston hosts Sikeston

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Week 1 of the Missouri High School Football season is rapidly approaching. Key games kick off the 2015 season with Ep at Kelly and the Blue Jays hosting the Bulldogs.

So, right out of the gate we have meaningful match-ups.IMG_9611

East Prairie at Kelly – Coming off a 7-4 season and a playoff victory, the Eagles have expectations for this year. Depending on whom you talk to, those vary. But, what is known, the Eagles are deep – 46 players at Camp today – and have talent at key skill positions. Although, they are young.

East Prairie Eagle football coach Chad Jamerson; Kp Photo (c)

East Prairie Eagle football coach Chad Jamerson; Kp Photo (c)

Oh, and, there is some Line depth at Ep. That underestimated component of football by everyone except the people who coach it. This year, the Eagles will have a stout front line on the offensive and defensive front.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

They also have a veteran and savvy quarterback, Brett Shelby Ellis, to lead the offense.

That being said, it’s performance on the Field on Friday Night Light’s that is ultimately the answer how well the Eagles will meet the Lofty expectations entering the season.

Kelly, meanwhile, will begin competing in the SEMO South Conference for the first year ever. Four years into the program, the Hawks won’t be easy prey over the course of the next few years.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

By the end of last season, Kelly was playing as competitive of football as any team in the region. Lack of depth and experience will be the key to how strong Kelly will be this season.

KpPhoto (c) 2015

KpPhoto (c) 2015

The Hawks finished 4-6 and will be looking to – at the very least – equal that mark and reach the .500. That would be an early accomplishment for the beginning program. Fan support is building in Benton and Kelly. Something tells me sooner rather than Later the Hawks will be the predator – not the prey.

Charleston – Sikeston game 

One of the oldest Football Rivalries still in existence. The Standard Democrat has done a wealth of articles kronickling the games through the Century that it’s been played.295975_292488660780385_1946382941_n

There was a time when the Blue Jays ruled the rivalry. And, not so long ago. Charleston Sports Historian Mike Ellis has complied a legacy history of the program. Working at the moment to make that available online at the #Kron. It’s something everybody should see. All the games played; records and such since the beginning of Charleston football.

Mike documented the History up until 2003. Hubert DeLay, Jr. has care-taken the information and I am currently working to update the info through the 2014 season. It’s coming soon.

Cole Byford, former Charleston Blue Jay

Cole Byford, former Charleston Blue Jay

Meanwhile, on Aug. 21 at John Harris Marshall Athletic Complex the rivalry will be renewed. And, according to sources, there is an announcement to make concerning the Field; and some additions and upgrades that will be forthcoming.

321540_292493580779893_1732585457_nNew Charleston AD Michael Minner who is in Oregon at the College World Series is eagerly awaiting his new challenge once he returns.

The simple challenge on the Football Field that night at JHMAC is to come out of the game healthy. Blue Jay fans must be realistic in their expectation to open this year’s campaign. There is talent coming in Charleston but the squad will young – freshman- sophomore dominated – and the end result of this game is to have folks ready for the District contests to follow.

Hayti – a winnable game – comes to town Aug. 28.

Right now both squads are focusing in preparation for the Jamborees scheduled for Friday, Aug. 20.

Kp Photo (c) 2015

Kp Photo (c) 2015

East Prairie will host the Dexter Bearcats; New Madrid County Central Eagles and the Kennett Indians.

Charleston will take part in Fredericktown with the Black Cats along with the Malden Greenwave and the Chaffee Red Devils.


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