Planned Parenthood

A misnomer in 21st Century #Merica

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…this is a banal topic…needs emotion out of the equation…an impossibility…that being said…there must be a way to address fundamental Women’s Health Issues without inflammatory rhetoric and horrific videos to prove a point. I get it. Fetal tissue is precocious to the ghoulish ghouds who deal in such matters….research, etc…post Roe v Wade ruling growth, not only should be sustained, but will be with the ever growing demographic that control all the birth canals in this country. At times, it seems they control a majority of the other reproductive organ…but, I digress. Because this a touch-fire issue and humor has no place.
Common sense and compassion do…for All Lives in ‪#‎Merica‬ in 2015…The NY Times reports what #TheDonald would do.


What would you do?

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