It is ~ still Trump Leading in #Merica

The Summer of Trump is Now The Fall of the Establishment in 2016

Louisiana Demorcatic Senator Mary Landrieu with Kaylie Pritchett in Tallulah, La. ~ 2014 ~ KpPhoto
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Update ~ Sept. 20

#TheDonald continues to trump the ~ Pubs and the ~D`s ~ or , as some Politico’s Kall them ~ the Elephants and the Donkey are fearing the Wildabeast ~ aka ~ #TheDonald

Now, I’m not the most Political Beast there is ~ Always found the Politician to be a Tad Greasy At Times. Not something I can put my hand on, ya know, but really don’t know what I have Hearing when I’m Listening.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal at the Grand Opening of the Madish Parish Health Center in Tallulah, Louisiana. (c) KpPhoto 2014

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal at the Grand Opening of the Madish Parish Health Center in Tallulah, Louisiana. (c) KpPhoto 2014

Seemingly odd, but All Politician’s I’ve spoken to thru the Decades ~ including the Late Great Warren E. Hearnes ~ who is the exception to this Rule I’m alluding ~ held the capacity to speak out both sides of their mouth while also dropping bombs from elsewhere in the lower part of the anatomy.

Well, Let Me Also Quickly Add ~ However ~I do not include Jo Ann and Bill Emerson who were the Last Great Hope this District Had ~ imho ~ . Nothing against our current rep ~ who I’ve only met A Couple Times and Find Very Likable ~ Jason Smith ~ he hasn’t registered yet on my anti`Pol sentiment ~ yet ;But, the longevity built up thru the Emerson Dynasty was Lost when she resigned from Congress.

Put this District back a Long, Long Ways in the Legislative Muscle~ Aspect of the Delegation from the 8th district of Missouri.

Now, The PC Police Likely will find this offensive. So B IT!

I’m ~ as well as a Growing Number of Americans ~ are fed up with Washington, DC. ~ and, All that it encompasses; represents and currently attempts to Lead the Greatest Country in the History of Planet Earth deeper into the Great Abyss.

A Doomsdayer I’m not ~ an End of Timer ~ Either. A Pragmatist. A Realist, if you will. For you see, I know the #Merica I’m Leaving to My Children is not the one I inherited from My Parents. Sadly, it is true. Really, a non-debatable issue.

So, where do We Move From Here ~ is more the salient point of the Post.

#TheDonald ~ Yeah, he’s no Politician. GOOD! ` And, he says things that are Ludicrous ~ Off the Wall ~ Out of Bounds ~ semi-offensive; racist and wakky ~but, I Dig It!

Louisiana Demorcatic Senator Mary Landrieu with Kaylie Pritchett in Tallulah, La. ~ 2014 ~ KpPhoto

Louisiana Demorcatic Senator Mary Landrieu with Kaylie Pritchett in Tallulah, La. ~ 2014 ~ KpPhoto

Continue on Mr. Trump. I do not care if U Win the ‘Publican nomination ~ and I really don’t care a whole Lot who my Democrats will Settle on in the End, although My Hunch is a #Hillbillary Led Ticket.

My preference would be #Beau’s Pop ~ Joe ~ that, would be more tolerable; palatable and Honorable for the Donkey’s to put forth.


My most Sincere Hope is the ~Pubs continue their High-Horse Ways and Force #The Donald to A 3rd Party Candidacy…

…”bring me that Fiddle,” commands Nerour vote from the Throne.


Update: In the Case You’ve Been Under A Rock Department…Wednesday, Aug. 12

Breaking right this minute on CNN is the Republican Power Rankings and the Pundits ~ Media ~ Are All Wrong.

Donald Trump’s polling number continue to Puzzle Party Leaders and apparently Amuse the #Merican Public. ‘Because’ you see, this whole POTUS thing that’s up for grabs in November of 2016 is quite a serious thing. #BeausPop.

Except, it’s Not, if you talk to serious Folks at the Lunch Table at The Depot; or, The Glenn for Coffee at Boomland or Tasters. Donald Trump is gaining ground and growing on People.

With his Fresh Take on things and the rather refreshing #ShutUPMedia Mantra he ~ and his henchmen  ~ are pulling off ~ and doing so quite well in Any Poll you wish to use ~ it’s rather amusing ~ to me.

Or, Listen to the Talk. #TheDonald is all the Rave these Days.

And, I really don’t know if that’s a Good Thing. But, that’s just my initial Take on the Matter. Upon Further Review, what do we  ~ The People  ~ have to Lose. It’s not Like #Merica ain’t already Chumped Up enough~ right?

That’s also a main narrative of People in Conversation as well. Not a Lot of Gab about How Great America is these Days, is there?

I know that’s A Bad Thing. Just is. I Like and read History enough to Get It. Wish more People would, too. It’d Help. #KaintHurt

#The Donald is ruing the day – or, more accurately, ruining the day of some Republican Party officials. He is ~ Mr. Trump ~ registering with the #Merican people.


And, that’s a good thing. His lampooning of the Election Process was being grossly overlooked by left wing/mainstream and all other forms of Media.

Not now, is it?

Does anyone seriously think he’d make a Great American President in the likes of James K. Polk (stealing Jeb’s thunder) or more James Buchanan in an attempt at off-kilter Dennis Miller sanguine referencing.

Suffice it to say #TheDonald has got the electorate on their toes. Perhaps, we will get a glimpse into the future of a Trump Presidency when Fox hosts the first debate.

With 10 Candidates making the big people table, it will be in their best interest to stay seated.

**First edition of this story posted Aug. 8. Post Debate Results were mixed. Some had Trump thumping the Show while others were not so impressed.

Regardless, and in spite of the dust up with Fox’s Megyn Kelly, Trump stands atop All Polls and is triumphantly turning the Establishment on its Head.

And, that’s, A Good Thing.

Or, as Lindsey Graham so succinctly put last night on C-Span

**I have yet to Find the Velvet Glove Hand’s “Kain’t Get It Right Stumble” on a Vine. Perhaps, someone else has found one. If so, Please share.

Stay Tuned. It is must see TV. And Read on #TheKron

And, #Merica best stay tuned to see what will eventually work its way out. My early Take has moved from my initial thoughts.

I still see it as Hillary Clinton’s to Lose; whom can take up the mantle if She falls, is yet to be determined. Bernie Sanders would make a great Vice President I’m thinking and an even better Uncle.

For the Republicans ~ sheesh  ~ is about All I Got to Say about that, borrowing from Gump on this one. I’m waiting for the Second Debate to evaluate further.

But, Let Me Be Clear ~ i ain’t makin` fun of nun’ of ’em ~ Ok.

Are We Klear? ‘Because’, All ~ who are in this Race ~ are Good and Decent Human Beings trying to make things better for All of Us.

And, I know as well, that’s a Good Thing. While we may not always agree; see things the same way or even differ completely, it’s sure good to know we Live in #Merica.

The Land of the Free  ~ Because  ~ of the Brave.

I’m just a plain ole` simple East Prairian looking way close in from the very Far Out.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: KpKronicleLLC  ~ Kevin Pritchett

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