• The ‘Media’

    In the 21st Post-Truth Century Resentment; angst and distrust rule the Day Fortunately, I grew up in an age where Newspapers were reliable sources of truth and information. Read more
  • JulesRules#9

    Keep Your Pets Warm The Holiday Season is Special; appreciate it It’s been a while since a JulesRules#9. Rick and I still stay in constant contact. We’ve been Read more
  • A New Era Awaits #Murica

    Freedom Means different things to different People. Thankfully, I Lost a couple dozen ‘friends’ during this horrific election cycle. On the bright side, at least Read more
  • JulesRules #8

    Truth and Wisdom Continues and expands from Ricky Been a week or so until I was able to touch base with Rick and put together a new edition of #JulesRules. He has expanded Read more
  • JulesRules #7

    Ricky Johnson, Jr. 405 is the Goal Ricky doesn’t mind clowns 1 – Rick, i know there is a lot of tension and stuff in the world. How do you remain out of the fray? Read more
  • Jules Rules #6

    My first interview Tougher than I thought when I volunteered to do it. Mostly, it’s me asking the questions. Well, frankly, always. However, Ricky Johnson, Jr., has Read more
  • JulesRules #5

    Small town  #Murica Brings out the best in the Prairie Faith; Family and Football. Three words that mean much to folks in East Prairie. A town of 3717 and a fan base that Read more
  • JulesRules #4 Rick loosens up

    Can you take a joke? If not, well… That’s part of the side of Ricky Johnson, Jr. that doesn’t get the notice it should. Much like his storied racketeering Read more
  • Jules Rules #3

    Sometimes there are no answers. Often times the Pain is too real. *Editor’sNote: The rebirth of kpkronicle.com coincides with a friendship built between Ricky and I. I Read more
  • A real VIP – Billy Ray Williams

    Always been a leader Billy Ray is humble; talented and successful When Billy Ray Williams was growing up in the small community of Pinhook it was hard to imagine he would Read more
  • Week 6 Standings and Results

    Eagles hold off Red Devils Malden escapes Hayti Charleston will host their Homecoming this afternoon against SEMO East Conference rival Kelly at 3 pm at John Harris Marshall Read more
  • Keith O. Tucker has seen the World

    God Bless the USA Tucker plays a part in changing the world for the better Keith Tucker graduated High School from East Prairie in 1978. Rarely has he had the time to go back Read more
  • JohnEmail is for Donald Trump

    Trump All the Way Normally reserved; conservative and calm Bryan and son, Kevin, Mainord. A proud Republican and supporter of Donald J. Trump. However, when we start talking Read more
  • James Hodges makes his mark at Ep

    Veteran EPJHS Coach Hodges walks the walk and earns the respect in his 16th year Dependable. Reliable. Humble. Caring. Thoughtful and Kind are just some of the words folks Read more
  • Charleston’s James Naile

    Pitched Championship Game Naile’s path to the majors goes thru Oakland While being from a small town certainly has its advantages, Charleston’s James Naile is Read more
  • JulesRules #2

    Former Marine opens up Talks of the path that led to his salvation *As noted: Ricky Johnson, Jr. is a self made man. A person who has lived the Life of struggle and has Read more
  • JulesRules #1

    Words are meaningful Ricky offers encouragement and real talk Often times, many people struggle with coping; dealing with the rigorous day-to-day obstacles. Rick takes the Read more
  • History of the Eagles

    266-549-26 All Time First Year was 1923 Following the first signature win of the 2016 season, 19-8, at Festus defeating Jefferson High School, the East Prairie Eagles are 2-0 Read more
  • At Least, ‘we’ are trying

    One by One Change has got to come ~ After another Breaking News alert on CNN brought the dreaded headlines scrolling across the screen. The city of Charleston is to be Read more
  • #ThorWorld in #ZeusLand

    If ever there was a Summer to be in Western Kentucky. This one is it. The first tourist season with alcohol legal on the Lakes and a boon for the local economy as never Read more
  • Movements Detected

    Columbus Fortified Camp Johnston occupied at Belmont The sounds of the Pick Iron could be Heard rippling across the water as Battery Emplacements were carved into the Bluffs. Read more
  • Faith ~ Family ~ Football

    Eagles Look for Respect Rams hung a tough L on #Ep Last Year ~ And, for Folks who may be unaware ~ there is No Love Lost between the two programs. Now, on the record, Read more
  • Sassy N Classy Boutique

    Sometimes Sassy ~ But ~ Always Classy High-End Ladies Fashion on the Prairie Wow. Ladies Don’t Have to Travel Far on the Prairie for Fancy Outfits. In fact, 205. E, Read more
  • The Glenn

    The Glenn ~ A Family; A Restaurant, An Art Gallery Plus, they Farm, too. And, besides that ~ Good People ~ are the Glenn’s. Not many know that I had the utmost Read more
  • Down Goes the Bully

    Bullies Never Win Standing up to them is the best way Yvonne Lewis has spent time in the bully pulpit. In fact, she’s a community spokesperson for Tallulah, La., and Read more